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Vickie Emanuele
Written by Vickie Emanuele
My “gift “of seeing spirits started as young as 5. I started having premonitions when I was a teenager. When I got older spirit would give me messages for complete strangers no matter where I was. I could be at a coffee shop, airport, cab I would get a message from spirit. I would tell the stranger my message from spirit. They would validate the message and be so happy that I gave it to them. After receiving messages for years I decided that spirit wanted me to use my gifts to help others in life. I use all of my senses in my readings to interpret ones energy. I can read the persons, pet or business energy just by hearing a name. I will feel the same thing the person or pet feels in my own body. For people, I can read into their health, career, finances, and relationships. I will see their past, present and future. Their body will talk to me and tell me what it needs to nourish one's soul on all levels. For a pet’s energy reading, I can read their energy for health, allergies, behavior issues, what they are thinking and feeling. I can also help the owner know if the pet wants another pet and what kind. I have helped with missing pets. I can communicate to pets in spirit. I am a medium, communicating to loved ones in spirit, angels, spirit guides and animal totems. I have been a professional energy reader and healer for over 15 years. I hold Energy/Healing workshops, medium galleries, webinars, pet healing workshops and Manifesting workshops. My passion is to teach people how to work with energy to heal and be abundant in their lives. I wrote the book ”Manifest ANYTHING You Want in 30 Days" to show people they can have their dreams come true and how to bring them into reality. I am blessed with five children, Mitchell, Jacob, Tanner, Samantha and Dane. I also have 2 dogs: Owen, a puggle and Stella, my deaf Great Dane. I live in Ojai, California and I do my readings by phone, live events and by email.