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Written by Vickie Emanuele
get grounded Get Grounded! Grounding your energy is vital to your life! In my readings and healing you may hear me say over and over that you need to get grounded. But what does that mean?

Being grounded means your energy is balanced, you are emotionally, mentally and physically stable. When you are grounded you can concentrate, sleep well, focused, happy, relaxed and feel great. Life is easy.

When you are in your mind more than your root chakra you are not grounded which causes you to go into fear mode feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worry, can’t sleep, gain weight, be unbalanced, disorganized, unfocused, clumsy and pain and illness can set in.

Like so many of us today we are on the go from the minute we rise and don’t stop till we drop into bed, even then our minds are still going. Then we wonder why we are unhealthy, overwhelmed, stressed, sick, and overweight, exhausted, can’t sleep and our life is suffering in some way.

Sound familiar?

The good thing is YOU can change that feeling and get your wonderful, stress free, abundant, healthy life back. But it is up to YOU to take time for yourself to work on your energy field, get grounded and feel great. Getting grounded is a MUST for you and does not take a long time to do and can even be fun for the whole family.

I promise you that if you start working on getting grounded daily your life will shift fast into a happy, peaceful life. Stress, anxiety, fear, and worry will vanish.

Grounding your energy is a MUST daily! Just like brushing your teeth everyday your energy field needs maintenance.

Grounding children’s energy is a MUST for balance and their wellbeing. Grounding a child's energy will help with ADHD, hyper activity, academics, balance emotions, sleep, anxiety, fear, health and attention span.

How do you ground your energy? There are several ways, some will work better than others for each person is different, so try them all and see what feels the best to you. Ways to get grounded.
  • Nature – Get outside into nature for at least 30 minutes daily. Hug a tree. Trees soak up stress from your energy field instantly and ground your energy. Visit an ocean, lake or stream or swim in a pool. Walking or sitting outside barefoot grounds you instantly.
  • Putting your feet in sand. Get a big pot or kids plastic pool, fill it with sand and sink your feet deep into the sand.
  • Eating – Eating small meals with heavy foods like protein often instead of 3 large meals. Have you ever noticed when you start eating how much calmer you feel? That is because you are grounding your energy.(This works fast with kids)
  • Visualize - Visualize your feet have roots like a tree going deep down into the earth, hooking around the center of the earth and pulling you into the earth up to your knees.
  •  Put your hand on your belly and visualize a red energy ball at the base of your spine expanding getting  heavy. Great to teach kids to help with sleep)
  • Deep breathing – Take deep breaths all the way to your belly. Visualize white light coming down your lungs into your belly and exhaling out toxic energy.
  • Meditation – Meditation is a MUST for everyone! Your brain needs a break. Not only will you become grounded your life will shift for the positive in a BIG way.
  • Grounding your body – Put one hand on top of your head and the other on your heart, take a couple deep breaths. This works fast and you can do it anywhere. If you suffer from panic attacks or a racing heart problem this is a great thing to do. Your body will relax immediately.
Grounding others Great for children and pets.
  • Gently grab wrist pulling down toward the feet hold for couple of minutes.

One of my favorites.

  • While laying down put your hands on the others feet or ankles and pull toward you holding for a couple of minutes. This is a great one to do before bed it helps the whole family sleep.

Relax, slow down, and smell the roses, life is awesome!

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Written by Vickie Emanuele
energy to each otherWHAT IS AN ENERGY CORD? An energy cord is an energetic connection to another person. That energy connection is an energetic cord that is attached to your body in some area draining your life force in some way. Energy cords can be small or huge in diameter. Anyone that you come in contact with daily or have strong feeling for one way or another form an energy cord to you and vice versa. Energy cords are like electricity, you can not see them but they are powerful! Some energy cords are draining and toxic more than others depending on who's energy cord is attached to you. The more energy cords you have attached to you the worse you are going to feel. The more negative and toxic the person's energy cord is attached to you the more they can drain your energy! The more empathic you are the more you allow another's energy cord to attach to you. Everyone's energy field is always looking for healing, healthy and happy energy. An energy cord is always looking for that light and whoever is the healing light it will grab on to. In relationships that are not balanced the person that has lower, negative energy will form an energy cord to the higher vibrating energy person subconsciously. That energy cord attached to the higher vibrations energy field and body will feed the lower vibrations person's energy field.This " energy feeding" can drain the higher vibrations energy field and life through the energy cord. In a family setting where you  love a bunch of people the more giving person in the relationship of the home will have the most energy cords attached to them allowing the others to feed from their energy field. This is why whoever is the "caretaker" of the household will usually feel drained, have health issue and stress. The biggest energy cord I cut from a person was as big as her stomach and wrapped all the way around her whole body up to her head! Imagine having an endless black hole on your body sucking you dry. Not good at all!! Not to mention lots of pain and suffering. We can have several energy cords going to different people. Those people subconsciously feed on the other person's energy through that energy cord. We even have energy cords from past lives. Past life energy cords can hold you back in this lifetime. Energy cords are toxic to your life in all ways because they take energy from your energy field. They attach to your energy field and body wherever it is the weakest and can attach to more than one area. We all have a week spot in our energy field and body where we hold onto stress creating lower weaker energy in that area. That pain in your neck, shoulder and back that won't go away is most likely an energy cord that needs cut. Most energy cords are connected to one's heart, head and belly ( Our life force.) Anyone that you have ever had deep feelings for either good or bad you have an energy cord attached to you from them. Who wants their ex attached to them? Can you get the picture now why you are feeling Blah and it is a struggle to get ahead in life? All energy cords should be cut from your energy field even your children's. Children need energy cord cuttings too. Your child's, grades, mood, health, behavior and overall wellness will improve. You do effect your child too. Your stress, mood, health is effecting your child through an energy cord connected to them. Children are like sponges. They are natural healers and will allow several energy cords to attach to them. Usually children will take on cords from the lower vibrating family, friends, other children because they have big hearts and want to heal others naturally. This is why it is so important to cut cords from you to your children because they will take on your stress and health issues through the energy cords. HOW DO I CUT ENERGY CORDS? It does not hurt and no knife or scissors are needed. Me being an energy reader sees and feels the energy cords. I will know where they are connected to you and from who even past lives will surface that I have to cut. I do my energy cord cuttings energetically (remotely) which allows your body to let me go deeper into your body. I go into your energetic field cutting all the energy cords I see and feel. Sometimes they are even around your organs deep into your spine and many life times. I record the energy cord cutting telling you where the energy cord was connected and to who it was connected too. ( Most likely you will have several energy cords to cut.) I email you the recording. HOW WILL YOU FEEL AFTER AN ENERGY CORD CUTTING? After an energy cord cutting you will feel lighter, happier, breathe and sleep better. You will feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders and more energy. Blocks will disappear and illness can move out of your body. Imagine being all tangled up in a rope for along time? Freeing yourself from that rope you will feel, freeing, liberated and able to move forward in a freeing healthy way. Life will feel better on all levels. You will have more confidence, energy, vitality, looking more relaxed and younger. Weight loss happens a lot too after a cord cutting. A word of caution, when you get a cord cutting the person or persons I am cutting the cords from most likely will feel them being cut subconsciously and try to re-attach immediately. They may call you, try to hug you ect. Even people you have not heard from in years may surface back up in some way. Try not to talk or touch the people I cut you from for at least 12 hours. HOW LONG DOES A CORD CUTTING LAST? Energy cords will come back eventually if you still talk or think about that person. ( If you think about an ex a lot a cord cutting may make you never think about them again!) When your loved ones energy cords re-attach they will be much smaller and not as draining. You will feel when they need to be cut again by how great you feel after an energy cord cutting. ( Most people's cord cutting will last from their loved ones for about 6 weeks or more.) If you are no longer talking to that person then it should not come back. Past live energy cords also will not come back after I cut them.
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Written by Vickie Emanuele
Are you condemning or blessing your life? Every word that you say is energy creating your reality. Everything holds energy in it and your words are one of the most powerful energy that creates your reality. The emotion attached to your words is what manifest "good' or "bad" into your life. Example " I am broke" if you keep stating those negative words then how can you be "abundant?" Change your words to " I am abundant" and see what happens. The same holds true to health, if you hold onto the energy of an illness and keep telling your body that you are ill you cannot have health. " I am healthy and vital" Is much better than " I am sick." Same thing as labeling a person, job, child or pet. If you label them like " My job stinks," "My child is shy" By using those words to describe them you are holding them to that vibration. I have seen miracles happen in my clients, friends, family and even my own life by changing negative words into positive words. The universe is always giving you what you think you have. The universe does not know what we think is good or bad, it just gives us what we are saying we are or have. Next time think before the negative word comes out say " Cancel" and put a positive word out instead. Use positive affirmations daily and your life will become more positive. Here are some positive affirmations, " I love my life" " My body is beautiful and healthy" " All my needs and wants are always taken care of" " I am a money magnet" " My life is full of kind, loving, giving people" " My life is abundant in all areas" " I have a positive life" " Miracles happen every moment in my life"      
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Written by Vickie Emanuele

Vickie Emanuele

Meditation Magic 

Meditation is a MUST if you want a calmer more peaceful life. As an energy reader I can read the energy of how hectic ones life is by reading one's mind. If your mind is non stop with worry, fear, stress, a to do list, on and on you are never going to get anywhere near a calm peaceful life! Not to mention get ahead in your life. The great thing is EVERYONE can learn the magic of meditation in their life. When you take control of your mind by giving it some quiet time, magically your outer life will follow. When you meditate not only will your stress start to be relieved your physical body will start to heal and you will feel better on all levels. If you are one of those people that say I don't have time to meditate. YOU are the one that needs to meditate the most!

How to meditate?

  1. Book out 15 minutes everyday for yourself.
  2. Lay down or sit down in a place that you love the energy of and feels peaceful. I love taking a bath and meditating.
  3. Mellow music is great or download a guided meditation.
  4. Get comfortable with a blanket if needed.
  5. Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing. You want to take deep breaths from your belly.
  6. Visualize a door in your mind, open the door and see all the thoughts leaving out the door.
  7. If you are new to meditating , pick a color to focus on.  Focus on that color inside and outside of your body.
  8. You can do no wrong so don't worry if you are meditating right. The biggest thing is to shut your mind off and give it a rest.
  9. Meditate as long as your body tells you too.
Anytime you shut off your mind you are meditating. If you are not thinking when you are driving, at the beach, cleaning, gardening and so on you are meditating. Meditation does not have to be formal. The more you meditate the easier it will become. You will see a change in your life for the positive in all areas. Don't be surprised when you become addicted to meditating. Happy Meditating:)    
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