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Written by Vickie Emanuele
Energy healings are very effective to all animal’s health and well-being. Animals are very receptive to energy healings. You can see the pet immediately relax and feeling the healing occurring within their body. In my pet healings I first tune into the pet feeling and seeing what needs to be done. I will feel what they feel in my body. I then work hands on within their energy field releasing any stuck energy which causes pain, illness and disease. I balance their energy field, clear chakras and do whatever is needed for the pet to heal. Pets love energy healings and should get them often to keep a healthy, happy life. Pet healings can help with, illness, pain, health, balance, hyperactivity, mood, sadness, disease, behavior and overall wellness. These healings are great preventatives for their health. Pets pick up the owners stress, personality and health issues. This is why it is important to balance both the pets and the owner’s energy. One of my passions is working with horses. I help with performance issues, health concerns, food sensitive, what they are thinking and feeling and their level of happiness. Horses are very sensitive to energy and emotions. I believe it is important to work on healing both the horse and the owner simultaneously because the animal can take on health issues of their owners. Energy work is very beneficial to horses, relieving pain and balancing their energy to help them perform at their best. Horses love energy work because it relaxes them and allows them to release stress and muscle tension. I come to your ranch or barn to perform energy healings on your horse/horses. The price is $250 per hour in the Ojai, Ventura, and Santa Barbara area. For out of city or state visits, please call for pricing and to arrange for travel expenses.

Energy Healing Session for $165