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Written by Vickie Emanuele
When the flow of the life force energy is disrupted, weakened, blocked or low, emotional and health problems tend to occur.

Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself or others, from emotions that are not expressed in a healthy way.

My energy healings can help illness, stress, disease, pain, sadness, grief, balance, weight, hormones, academics, hyperactivity, passion, clarity and overall well-being.

In my energy healings I work within your energy field releasing karma, negative emotions, blocks, and toxic energy. I cut draining energy cords, balance your chakras, clear your energy field, and infuse your energy with positive, happy healthy energy. After a healing you will feel relaxed. Things in your life will become more balanced, more at peace and move forward easily. All the healings below are offered for adults, children and pets.

I do my energy healings remotely. Once I receive payment (click the button below), I will record the healing and send it to you by text or by email.

Heart & Soul Energy Healing This is the ultimate healing!

I tune into my angels and guides, and yours, to assist me.

In this healing I clear your past life karma, energy field and your chakras.

I cut energy cords, balance chakras, shift any stuck energy or blocks. I release any fear, negative thoughts, worry, stress and pain out of your body.

I weave more power, love, joy and abundance into your body and whatever else is needed for you to heal on all levels.

I do this healing remotely, recording your session and email it to you. You receive the healing instantly.

I do my energy healings remotely. Once I receive payment (click the button below), I will record the healing and send it to you by text or by email.

Energy Healing Session for $165

  Healing with my eyes

In this healing I look at full-length picture and will see blocks in your energy field, past life issues and anything else I need to shift out of your energy field to clear you on all levels.

I use the healing power of my eyes to shift and extract any stuck energy or blocks in your physical and etheric body. I clear and balance your chakras, cut toxic energy cords, clear past life karma and patch up any holes you have in your energy field.

After a healing you will feel lighter, more at peace, breathe easier, health will improve, life will be more joyful and you will be able to move forward in life attracting to you more abundance love and joy.

Eye Healing Session for $150

  Energy Cord Cutting

We all have several energy cords attached to us even many from past lives that can keep us stuck and in fear.

Energy cords can drain our energy, cause illness, sickness and disease and keep you stuck in life from moving forward into abundance and wellness.

I cut all energy cords from your past life and current life remotely. You receive the healing instantly.

After an energy cord cutting you will feel lighter, free, healthier, happier and more joy, love and abundance will surface in your life.

To find out more how energy cords effect your life listen to my podcast.

Energy Cord Cutting for $125