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Written by Vickie Emanuele
Webinar: Transform Your ENERGY, Transform your LIFE
Vickie Emanuele On Demand EventWhat is YOUR energy attracting into your life? Is it bringing in the abundance of happiness, prosperity, and vitality that you want? Or, might it be bringing about blocks and difficulties? In this remarkable, live online lesson, expert energy reader and healer Vickie Emanuele teaches you her profound ENERGY SECRETS, which you can easily master to instantly transform your energy and your life. A clear energy field enables you to create the life of your dreams as well as experience peace, joy, and better health in each moment. On the other hand, a blocked and unbalanced energy field can lead to depression, weight gain, stress, illness, disease, and an overall feeling of BLAH! In this exciting online lesson, Vickie shares her expertise on how you can easily and effectively reprogram your energy as well as help your children and pets transform their energy. In particular, you’ll learn:
  • Powerful ways to clear your energy field and release old blocks.
  • How energy is profoundly impacting your life.
  • Incredible techniques for transforming your energy to bring the things you want into your life.
  • How to use your most creative powerful energy sources.
  • Special ways to work in your energy field to help with stress, weight loss, and sleep as well as to quiet your mind.
  • How to completely re-program your energy.
  • Techniques for working on your child’s energy field to help with behavior, academics, and physical and emotional wellness.
  • How your energy is affecting your pets and how you can help alleviate their pain and improve their health.
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Book: Manifest ANYTHING You Want in 30 Days
Manifest Anything You Want in 30 Days by Vickie EmanueleThis book will help you manifest anything you want in your life. Vickie Emanuele is a queen of manifestation, and happiness is the choice she chooses to experience every day. She provides a 30-day repeatable process so you, too, can bring joy and prosperity into every aspect of your life. Relationships, careers, finances, love, weight loss, and anything else that you believe can be improved upon can be helped by utilizing this incredibly uplifting and positive process. If you’re tired of living the same life day after day and are ready to make positive changes, then get started on this magical 30-day journey today. You will feel better both physically and emotionally, and you’ll understand how your thoughts and words truly affect the life you’re living. Change those thoughts and words and feel how those negatives turn into positives. Repeat the process so you can become the person you always wanted to be, and more. Learn to transform your dreams into reality, and heal on all levels simultaneously. Get going and have fun! Buy the Book >>