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Written by Vickie Emanuele
In my pet readings I use all of my senses to tune into your pet. I will know all sorts of information about him / her. I will feel the same thing they do in my own body. My pet readings help with behavior problems, food allergies, health, overall wellness, if they are happy what they are thinking and feeling. The pet will also tell me if they want another pet and what kind of pet and what gender is best for them. My pet readings began when I owned a Dog Bakery/Boutique for 8 years. Often, my customers would come in or show me a picture of their pet and I could read all sorts of information about the pet. One of the most often-asked, popular questions I get is “Why does my pet itch?” Most of the time he/she is either allergic to food, environment or both. It is as simple as changing his food, cleaning products or both and I will know what he is allergic to and what will help him. Food is one of the most important factors in your pet’s life. I can help you know if their food you are feeding them is the best for them and if they have any food allergies. My pet readings are done by phone, email or in person and most readings are done in 30 minutes.

15 minute reading for $100 30 minute reading for $165 60 minute reading for $300