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Written by Vickie Emanuele
Vickie is absolutely the best! I have hired her several times to read my energy and have gone to her workshops. She is always dead on, especially with health issues. She has always given me very specific advice that has never been wrong. I respect the information she provides and it has allowed me to heal and correct the health issues I was having (naturally). I have had excellent results directly stemming from her input and advice. I could go on and on, but just know that she is superior in every aspect of her work. I cannot ecommend her services enough; it will change your outlook and your life!

~ Lynn Green

Vickie is genuinely passionate about her craft, with an uncanny ability to tap into spiritual energy. Her readings are not only accurate, but she has a positive energy which is remarkably palpable. I am happy to recommend her and cannot express enough the amazing impact she has had on my life. I look forward to working with her again.

~ Leslie

I have been calling Vickie since 2010 now and every single time she nails it, she is extremely accurate to every detail she tells you. Just this year I began doing the energy healings and they are AMAZING, it feels like a body cleanse taking place. Vickie is truly amazing and has a unique gift to help others with their lives.

~ Soraya

Vickie is one of the most talented healers that I've had the pleasure to work with. As an energy worker myself, it is so nice to have someone that I can turn to when I am in need of an energetic tune up myself. Vickie also performed a healing session for my 11 year old daughter and the shift in her energy has been nothing short of amazing!

~ Stephanie, Owner of Relax… Holistic Therapies

I have had 2 animal readings with Vickie and she has helped me develop a great plan for keeping my dog healthy in addition to my vet. Most importantly, she helps put my mind at ease as he grows older and also reminds me that I can help him with my own energy.

~ Cylleria, Florida

Vickie is a very gifted Medium/Intuitive/Animal communicator. Her workshops are fun & very imformative and she has helped me and many others guiding us with valuable information to help everyone on their wonderful journey through life. Vickie is accurate & clear and can help with many issues; health, money, business and the health and well being of your pets. Her uplifting personality and positive attitude will spark the passion that already lives inside you helping you to evolve into who you really are.

~ Lata, Owner of Loving Light Yoga & Healing Center

Manifesting really works!!! I met Vickie in the nick of time. I am a real estate agent and was representing a buyer in a very stressful Real Estate transaction. I laid out my scenario for Vickie and besides giving me some insight on the deal, she suggested I read her book, “Manifest anything you want in 30 days". I have always believed in positive thinking and her book shows you how to put it to work. After speaking with Vickie, I was so anxious to get home so I could jump on Amazon immediately and order her book for my Kindle. I did not want to waste one more second in my state of mind and I wanted to move in a positive direction….so I did! I was so afraid the Real Estate deal was going down the drain so I took Vickie’s advice in her book and focused on Manifesting this deal to close. I am so ecstatic to say that the deal closed two weeks ago and it was nothing short of a miracle. I honestly believe that I manifested this house to close because in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined the turn of events this real estate deal took. Now, I am onto my next manifestation. I made a lunch appointment today with my husband and we both bought our own journals because we are working on manifesting our next goal over the next 30 days. He is trying it now too because after seeing what just happened with me, he is a believer! Read this book and follow the steps….you will be amazed at the wonderful results!

~ Carol Drysdale, Property Manager/Realtor